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Piedmont’s noblest red grape needs to grow in a carefully chosen environment and growing conditions. It sprouts early and the fruit generally ripens in mid October. The bunch is medium to large, a winged pyramid shape with medium to small grapes having a consistent blue-black skin with violet nuances. This is the vine that produces Barolo and Barbaresco DOCG, Nebbiolo d’Alba and Roero.  



 Its sturdiness, and constant, abundant output is one reason for its popularity all over Piedmont, but is was also helped by the fact that it was used to replace the vines ravaged in the early years of the century by an outbreak of phylloxera. The grapes ripen in late September and early October. The bunch is pyramid shaped, and more or less compact depending on growing and environmental conditions. The grape is oval in shape, and an intense blue color.    


 Its vegetative strength is marginally below average. It is demanding where soil is concerned, preferring marly limestone. Soil that is too fresh or with too much clay can cause the grapes to fall prematurely just before the harvest. The fruit ripens in mid September. The bunch is a long pyramid in shape, and the grapes are round , with a blue-black skin. 4 different types of Dolcetto D.O.C. are produced, depending on where the vines are grown: Dolcetto d’Alba, Dolcetto di Diano d’Alba, Dolcetto di Dogliani and Dolcetto delle Langhe Monregalesi.  


 This vine is found all over the Roero but also on the hills on the right bank of the Tanaro. It is extremely vigorous, with strong, straight shoots. Fertile and productive , the grapes ripen in late September. The bunch is medium to small in size , with a pyramid or cylindrical shape with one r two obvious wings. In recent years thriving market success has brought a sharp increase in the cultivation of this vine.  



 In the past this grape was considered more a table grape than a wine grape, but it is a sturdy plant, producing a constantly high output. It ripens soon after the Arneis, in late September and early October. This bunch is sparse, of medium size and generally cylindrical with one or two developed wings.  The grape is medium to large with a frosty sin that is greenish-yellow in color, becoming golden or amber if exposed to the sun.    PROSECCO


Prosecco is Italy's answer to refreshing, well-made sparkling wine at a reasonable price. Made primarily in the district of Treviso in the region of Veneto, Prosecco has quickly become one of the most successful sparkling wine types made today.

Prosecco is the name of the grape that is used to make this sparkling wine and many of the best examples are 100% Prosecco. As this is a grape that is prized for its delicate flavors and aromatics.


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